Sam and I decided that today was going to be a sit by the river and drink a cup of coffee day. Oh, we also decided to wet a line while we enjoyed a cup. Needless to say, the trout kept interrupting our attempts to sip. We were at Parker Bend on the downstream ramp watching the deer swim the river towards a spot on the other side where a feeder is located. It goes off at about 7AM, therefore the deer try to get there a few minutes early. But, I digress. The trout were biting on everything used but garlic. A fly fisherman showed up just before we left and was doing very well on a hand-tied midge of several colors including white, olive and red. He caught two in about the time it took us to pick up out gear and head up the ramp. He indicated that the area had been stocked Thursday. Better get out there and enjoy the day!There is generation slated from 4 through 6 PM. The day should start off with mostly sunny skies in the morning, becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon. The winds are predicted to be from the SSE at 6 MPH. This great forecast gives us even more incentive to go out and FISH!