Sam and I fished early this morning upstream near the Beaver Dam and found that the trout bite was slower than we like, but not too bad. The trout not only bit on the lighter colors, but also on hatchery formula, which, as some of you are aware, is brown. Not all of the lighter colors worked. The fish ignored rainbow, garlic and fluorescent orange. There were a couple of other fishermen nearby who asked for the 'code to catch,' and we accommodated. They were having some good luck as we left for home. Turned out to be another exhilarating morning on the river. If you get the chance, try to go out and enjoy the morning fishing.Tomorrow, the generation is scheduled to take place from 4 through 6 PM. The high temperature for tomorrow is expected to tip the 85 degree mark. The winds should be northerly at 4 MPH., gusting to 7. It should be mostly sunny, so those of us who could suffer from too much sun should take precautions. ENJOY!