Launched both boats at 6:30 this morning and anchored in a fishing spot that has been treating us pretty good over the last few weeks. After putting 4 each in the live well, we switched to catch and release until the bite slowed to a crawl. We put the last ones in the well and headed back to clean trout. We saw several other guides on the water who seemed to be giving river tours rather than fishing. (That is a little bit of humor.) The river presented us with some stunning backgrounds to enjoy while waiting for the next bite. The trout were partial to the light colors of power bait. The guests that we were lucky enough to have aboard both provided good conversation and caught fish. What a combination! Since we were off the river around 10:00, we had very cool weather for the entire trip; and that is a huge plus this time of year. Considering the water temperature where we fished, the only swimming that was done was that of the trout. Hope you were out there practicing your fishing skills.Generation for tomorrow is scheduled from 1 through 6 PM. The weather for Saturday is expected to bring us a high temperature of 85 degrees F., under partly cloudy skies with winds from the south at 8 MPH.. There is a good chance of thundershowers throughout the day. Be careful, have fun, catch fish!!