Bank fished in two spots along the river early this morning. The first spot was close to Beaver Dam, where the bite was VERY slow, with a bite every 30 minutes. Only stayed for half an hour. With one fish caught, and released there, Parker Bend was the next stop. Believe it or not, the bite at Parker was one every 3 minutes. Because of a need for caffeine, the fishing stay there was fairly limited. The trout were 'hitting' light colors. 'Hitting' is a fairly strong word, since the bite was more of a 'sucking the bait off the hook by using a straw' sensation. Right! One had to watch the rod tip to see the trout activity. The fish that were caught appeared to all be ‘stockers.’ since their right pectoral fins had been trimmed. There were quite a few fishermen on scene, both at the dam and at Parker Bend. The morning was pleasantly cool and the company of the others fishing nearby was amiable. Would have fished longer, but, once again, there was no coffee available on site. Fishing this time of the year is much more pleasant in the cool early mornings.Generation is slated to occur from 3 through 6 PM. The high temperature for today is expected to reach 88 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies. There is a chance of mid-afternoon thundershowers. The morning southerly winds of 4 MPH. are expected to drop to 'still' in the later afternoon. What is the holdup? Go fish!