Launched two boats this morning and fished on opposite ends of the Houseman Access launch ramp. The upstream boat was zeroing in on trout while the downstream boat was out to see what was lurking in the much warmer waters down toward Beaver. The results of the two trips were interesting, to say the least.The water temperature showed great variation today. Houseman was 74 degrees at launch. A mile and a half in the direction of Beaver, the temperature was 84.5 degrees F. Going twice that distance upstream, the water temperature entered the high 40s. So much for temperatures. Here is what resulted on the two trips. The downriver trip was split into two phases, two hours of trolling and one hour of bait fishing. Trolling with various Rapalas, both F series and CDs, yielded both trout and male white bass. The number caught was not worth the time spent, but the information gathered for future trips was priceless! Bait fishing gave the downstream boat its best results as well as nice sized trout. The boat fishing various spots upstream far out-fished the other boat, with a catch of about 30, most of which were released. Since scouting the various 'hot spots' usually keeps us up-to-date on the best places to fish, several locations were fished to test the bite. From the look of the catch, the folks on the upstream trip were kept pretty busy! Everyone out this morning had a great time in the cooler morning temperatures!! There is generation scheduled from 2 through 7 PM. The high temperature today is expected to hit 88 degrees F., under sunny skies. The wind is predicted to be from the SSE at 6 MPH.