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Launched at Houseman Access at 6:30 this morning and noted that the water temperature there was 49 degrees F. Although the trout most probably were in the area, we decided to move up river into even cooler water and, hopefully, more concentration of fish. Seems from the picture(s), that we were lucky on both counts! The trout bite was excellent until 8:15 AM, when it became only OK. Trolled back downstream to fish out of the tail-waters, and had a couple of strikes, but no more fish for the live well from the trolling episode.

The upstream catch bit on pink, salmon peach, yellow, orange and rainbow. They were not too interested in red-white & blue. Arrived downstream from the tail-waters and limited out on chartreuse and red power bait eggs. Take your rod and reel, sun screen and dark glasses and head for the river. What a beautiful day to fish! There is generation scheduled to begin at 4 PM at 44% of capacity, increasing to 88% for the next two, then reducing to 44% for the last hour, 7 PM. The weather is predicted to give us a high temperature of 86 degrees F. under sunny skies with southerly winds of 2 MPH.