Did some bank fishing this morning and learned that the trout were doing a better job of biting today than they were yesterday. Must be the cooler weather? They appeared to like some of the colors we used, but avoided yellow, fluorescent red and garlic. We did not try any of the darker colors like green pumpkin or hatchery formula. The two other fishermen who were on scene with us were trying their best, but must have forgotten their wax worms. The water close to the Beaver Dam has receded enough that there is room for three folks in the rocky part of the access and for two or three more around the rocks overlooking the river.By the way, there is a One Fly, One Lure fishing contest coming up on October 17, 2015. As usual, it is sponsored by Beaver Dam Store; and you can register there, or pick up a form and mail it in. There is NO ENTRY FEE this year, but there are $1000.00 in prizes! A fish fry at Spider Creek Resort follows the competition. There is generation scheduled from 4 through 6 PM. today. The high temperature for this day is expected to be 84 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies. Winds are from the NW at 6 MPH.