Fished in several locations from the bank beginning just below the Beaver Dam, where the bite was OK on yellow, but not on orange power bait. Moved to the disabled launch ramp below the dam and fished the gravel bar. The trout were accommodating on yellow and salmon peach. but ignored spring green. Moved to Parker Bend and fished downstream from the ramps where the trout bite was excellent. The bite, in order of quickest response to slowest, was on salmon peach, yellow, red-white-blue, rainbow, chartreuse and white. There was no activity on pink, orange or spring green. In the hour of fishing the three spots, the catch and release number was 8 trout. Fishing began at 7 AM and the trout were doing a bit of surface feeding. The surface activity was still going on at 8, when we left Parker Bend, but it had slowed appreciably. Looks like the next few days will be cooler, which should draw out some more of the angler-types who want to take home some trout.There is generation scheduled from 2 through 7 PM today. If you want to try your luck from the bank during the generation, you might want to try a micro jig and float. Leave about a two foot leader below the float and cast upstream into the flow, allowing the line to drift downstream until the line begins moving toward the bank. Then repeat the process. The color of the jig is strictly up to you, but I would begin with an olive or black, changing as I thought necessary. The weather forecast for today calls for a high temperature of 83 degrees F. with northwesterly winds at 7, gusting to 13 MPH.