Fished this morning close to Beaver Dam and found out that the trout were in the process of slowing their bite at the time of my arrival. After promptly catching a few between 7:30 and 8:00 AM., the trout took a break. The bite of every couple of minutes became a 15 minute waiting game. That was OK, since that time between bites was used for tying tackle and drinking coffee. However, when the coffee ran out, so did I. The trout bit on yellow, salmon peach and cheese. They seemed to avoid all other colors that I offered. When the rain began, the question of whether or not to leave was answered. There was another fisherman on scene when I left. Apparently he did not bring those wax worms that have been mentioned in the last couple of reports. If you get the chance, dodge the rain showers and go out and fish!There is generation scheduled from 4 through 6 PM. today. The high temperature is predicted to hit 92 this afternoon. There are thundershowers expected this morning, but partly cloudy skies for this afternoon. By this afternoon, the winds should be northwesterly at 7. Go have fun fishing. Bring a wax worm or two!