Hello, fisher-folk! We launched both boats at 6:30 AM. and fished in 47 degree F. water, where we found the trout anxious to taste the power bait that was offered them. The darker colors did not cause them to get excited enough to bite; but the lighter colors worked like a charm. By 9:30. the bite began to slow; but by then, we had 4 each in the live well, and then caught our last keepers. Headed in to the ramp and got off of the water just as the sun began to make its presence felt. Timing is everything! Needless to say, both boats, parents and teens alike, came home with their limits. Hope you got out to enjoy this day on the White River!Just for the record, I fished yesterday both from the bank, in the morning, and from a boat that evening. The morning jaunt was begun close to the Beaver Dam in a very tight fishing location. These days, bank fishermen, (and women), have to be tough enough to fight off the chiggers. Caught, and released, 7 trout, one of which was a nice brown. The fish went for salmon peach, rainbow and yellow. Just like they acted today, they were not too keen on the darker colors. Yesterday evening, I went out with a couple of friends on their boat, and fished near the Hwy 62 bridge, The trout were not biting too good, but my friends went home with enough trout to make a nice meal. There is generation scheduled from 3 through 5 PM. today. The high temperature predicted for the day is 92 degrees F. under sunny skies with westerly winds of 4 MPH. It was a nice 2 days of the 80s, but it seems that we are back to real life in the summer! Go out and catch fish