Launched at Beaver and found that the whites have moved out of the area. That is the way they go ... here today gone tomorrow! Plan on launching in the morning in an attempt to find them. I suspect that they moved back downstream, possibly into Missouri. The generation has been so constant that the water temperature at Beaver is 48 degrees F. Tomorrow the generation is scheduled to continue at the same rate for yet another 24 hours, at least. Ran into four other boats and learned that nobody had caught anything. We will see what happens in the morning. Heck, look at the good side of the seemingly endless generation; when Beaver Lake gets low enough, we will be able to walk out and pick up stripers and walleye! (Just making light of the situation.)The weather today brought us sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 10 - 13 MPH. The high temperature today was 70 degrees F. Tomorrow, the generation schedule is for 112 units, ( 88% capacity ), for 24 hours. The high temperature predicted for tomorrow is 75 degrees F. under sunny to partly sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 17 MPH. Spring has sprung! Time is not standing still, so go try fishing!