Fishing Report for April 4 Launched at Holiday Island Marina this morning and checked out the walleye situation. Noted a few down DEEP and found that the white bass were more sociable; so we invited them aboard. Because of our late start, we took a lunch break, did some chores and returned to see if the welcome mat was still out. It was, and we enjoyed reeling in some more whites. This morning, the water temperature in the Holiday Island area was 48.5 degrees F. ; but by this evening, the temperature jumped up 3 degrees. Picked up the whites using a CD-9 Rapala, black on silver. We plan on being out there tomorrow after it warms up a bit. The generating schedule for tomorrow calls for water moving from 8 to 10 AM at 88% of capacity. The weather prediction looks for winds from the ESE at 6 MPH. The high is expected to reach 60 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies. Dress warm!

Some chubby whites with a friend