Launched at Houseman Access this morning at 6:15 and noted that the water temperature was 46.5 degrees F., which explained why the white bass disappeared from the area.  Moved down river until the water temperature was in the 50 degree range and noted that the white bass began showing up on our DSI.  Began trolling and almost immediately were rewarded with fish in the live well.  Also caught a nice trout, (which I am planning on having for lunch today), that apparently was jealous of the whites getting all of the attention.  We did not fish more than 15 minutes because of prior commitments ashore.  Interesting thing to note was that all of the whites we caught were males.  We used a couple of different lures just to see which one was more favorable to the whites. They seemed to like the F-7 minnow.There is generation scheduled to begin at noon today and continue at 44% of capacity through 5 PM. The weather prediction shows that there will be mostly sunny skies this morning, becoming partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. The winds are  from the WSW at 15 MPH, gusting to 28. WOW! Trolling was real fun!! The high temperature predicted for today is 60 degrees F. with a low tonight of 40.  If you are going out in the morning, dress warmly.  Oh, by the way, above all, HAVE FUN FISHING!