Fished at Parker Bend this morning and found that the river was full of white bass just waiting for the proper lure to be presented to them.  The fish were into the spawn mode and were evident in the shallows laying their eggs.  A couple of fishermen on site were trying to snag a fish or two, since they were having no luck at all using lures.  We fished for walleye farther down river and came up with one along with trout.  The area where we fished was between Parker Bend and Spider Creek Island. The entire river seemed to be alive with whites.  Water temperature was 57.4 degrees F., which apparently delighted the fish!  This is the time to 'make hay while the sun' sort of shines. The weather today is going to have one jumping in and out of rain gear, but, as  stated in yesterday's report, it is hard to complain while fish are being caught. There is no generation scheduled for today.  The weather prediction calls for thunder showers on and off throughout the day.  High temperature is expected to be 75 degrees F. under mostly cloudy skies with winds from the south at 17 MPH. Hope you have a productive day fishing.