We fished in several locations today, both from the bank and from the boat. Tried fishing near the Beaver Dam and caught trout, but they were pretty small. Elected to send them back to their school. Sam took a river trip beginning at 6:30 this morning and found that the bite was painfully slow both up and downstream. The folks did not want to keep their fish, but enjoyed catching and releasing. They did keep one for supper, but left it with us when they left. I fished from the bank at Houseman Access while waiting for Sam to complete his trip. There were two couples fishing near me and, in 2 1/2 hours, they caught 3 fish. Although the boats returning had no fish to show for their efforts, they did comment on the beautiful day on the river. Was a bit windy, but a really nice day.Tomorrow is expected to be even better with less winds. There is generation scheduled from 1 through 6 PM at 44% of capacity. The high temperature is expected to be 74 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the ENE at 10 MPH, gusting to 20. Go out , catch fish and, above all, HAVE FUN!