Sam and I launched at Houseman Access at 7 AM and proceeded downstream in the 'troll mode.’ pulling Rapalas of two different sizes and colors. Caught several very nice trout in the 48 degree F. water. We marked what appeared to be walleye hugging the bottom in multiple locations. Trolled until the water temp made it into the 50s. Moved upstream into the tailwaters and fished a few of our favored spots just to make sure the trout still loved us. They did, probably because we were in the catch and release mode. The water from Beaver to the Beaver Dam is mostly cleared of the heavy debris that has been plaguing us since the heavy rains. There is an occasional patch of flotsam just to keep us on our toes. While we were in the tailwaters, we stopped trolling and broke out the power bait. The trout bit on yellow, salmon peach and garlic. We met only two other boats on the water. After the boat and lunch were put away, I went to Parker Bend and learned that stocking had occurred around 11 AM. The trout were still in the lure mood, but just barely. After bringing in a couple, I switched to power bait and caught a few more. Left Parker Bend while the evening generation was in full swing and went to White Bass Cove to see if it was living up to its name. The one fisherman who was there told me that he had caught three hybrids, but I did not see them. Also, I did not get a strike after casting for about 45 minutes. The wind was not favorable for casting, since it was right into ones face. Tomorrow, there is no generation scheduled until 8 through 10 PM. The high temperature predicted for tomorrow is 65 degrees F. under cloudy and sometimes rainy skies with winds from the NNW at 14 MPH, gusting to 26.