Began fishing today at 5 AM at Parker Bend, where a nice brown trout charmed me with his company. There were no walleye there that wanted to join the brown, so before the generation began, I went to White Bass Cove and fished.  Only had one taker, a 15 1/2 inch walleye that was sent back into the lake to grow a bit.  Was unable to do much more in the line of fishing today since chores got in the way.  Drat!Generation is to run today from 6 AM through 11 PM.  The high temperature is predicted to reach 70 degrees F. with a low tonight of 50.  The skies should be mostly sunny with winds from the SE at about 5 MPH.  Tomorrow is to be pretty much the same with winds from the SSE at 7 MPH.  Generation is scheduled to begin at 5 PM through 9 PM.  Looks like a great day for fishing on Saturday.  Hope to run into you out there!