Sam and I launched at Holiday Island Marina at 7 this morning and checked various coves looking for whites that were in the eating mode. Found many whites in schools, but not too many that were biting. We caught a fair amount of them in a cove downriver toward Beaver. Most of the ones we caught were females that were carrying immature eggs, that is, there was no red coloring on the bellies of the females. There are whites showing up almost everywhere one looks, for example, in Leatherwood Creek, in Tablerock Lake and in Cedar Creek. We were most successful with Rapala CD-7s, both black on silver and black on gold. Finished up with enough whites to make one tire of cleaning them. Later in the afternoon, I fished in the tailwaters and picked up a limit of rainbows destined for the smoker. While in the Holiday Island area, only ran into one other guide who was out with a party and was experiencing the same hit and miss with whites. The water temperature in that region was 57 degrees F.Tomorrow, the high temperature is predicted to hit 72 degrees F. with southerly winds 6 MPH, gusting to 10. There are thundershowers predicted throughout the day. Sounds like cloudy skies to me! No more excuses, get out there and catch some fish!