As promised in yesterday's report, here is the account for trout fishing yesterday afternoon.  Fished upriver from Bertrand and ended up catching trout on five different colors of power bait, yellow, grape nymph, rainbow, salmon peach and pink.  The trout seemed to be really hungry, since they hit the bait within one minute of casting.  The generation was stopped for a few hours, which made it real easy to fish.  We only fished for about an hour, just to see if and what the trout were biting on. Today, we plan on launching at noon or so at Houseman. The plan is to troll upriver, then fish with different rigs to try to entice the trout or any other critter that wants to bite.  We will let you know what happened in the next report.Generation began this morning at 7 AM at 88% until 10, when it reduced flow to 44% capacity until 5 PM.  From 5 through 9 PM generation continues at 88% except for the last hour, which is slated for 44%. The weather today is predicted to be wonderful, with a high of 55 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the NW at 6 MPH. Let's go fish!

two fishermen + one hour = six healthy-looking trout