Launched at Houseman Access at around 2 PM and began trolling down river in hopes of picking up a stray white that did not realize the water was 45 degrees F. There were 14 trailers in the parking lot at the time we put into the water, so, as expected, we met up with most of the boats that came with them. With the exception of one fisherman who had caught a couple of walleye early in the morning, no others admitted to doing very good in the trolling department. However, for the next three hours, we moved downstream into 49 degree water, catching the occasional trout, but no whites or walleye. In fact, although we did mark a few walleye on the bottom, we did not mark any white bass. I bet they are still in the Beaver area! Finally, around 5, we switched to bait and finished off our limit of trout. As you can see, the trout coming out downstream from the tailwaters are pretty good sized. Only two of the ones we took home were 'stockers'. The largest fish caught was 20 1/2 inches and weighed about 4 pounds. Roy surprised us by reeling in a black crappie, which some consider the best tasting fish in the river.Sunday looks like it will be a nice day to continue the hunt for our scaled friends! There is generation scheduled from 8 through 10 PM, both Sunday and Monday. The high predicted for Sunday is 78 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with winds from the SE at 8 to 12 MPH, gusting to 31. (?) Hey, I just repeat what Accuweather puts out. Hope you get a chance to wet a line and bring home some fish! Be safe and HAVE FUN!