Where is this year going??? Sam and I took a couple of chairs and some coffee to the gravel bar next to the Beaver Dam launch ramp. Oh, we also took a couple of fishing rods just in case the trout were in the mood to ‘play.’ They were, and were chewing on everything but white and green pumpkin. Although everything else we threw worked, some colors elicited bites more rapidly than others. The lighter colors like salmon peach and yellow kept one busier than others. Needless to say, we used the slower colors until the coffee ran out. (We did not want to be interrupted while sipping on 'joe'). The trout were of nice size and had stout shoulders. Since we were in a catch and release mode, everyone and thing had a nice morning. There were no other fishermen on scene. The folks that are camping nearby are missing out on an opportunity to fish a good area with very little competition. By the way, for you fly fishermen, the water is down enough for you to take a 'shot' at the trout in this area.The high temperature expected today is 87 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies. There is generation slated for 3 through 6 PM.. The winds are predicted to be from the south at 7 MPH. Better get out there and fish before someone reads this and drops off a busload of wild fisher-folk!