Happy Birthday America! Even though I got a late start fishing this morning, the trout were pretty willing to play. A check on the various fishing spots to see how many folks were fishing was first on my list of things to do. Near the Beaver Dam, there were at least 10 vehicles in the lot. Not a bad turnout for 9 AM. Parker was as crowded, so I went to Bertrand Launch Ramp. Nobody was fishing at the ramp, although a boat had been launched and, from the amount of music and conversation drifting down the river, seemed to be upstream. Sat down on the rocks and threw yellow power bait. The bite was about every 5 to 10 minutes. Caught and released seven in the next hour. Another couple showed up just as I was reeling in number four. They fished at the ramp and were doing OK when I left. Looks like the rain is mostly over for the rest of the afternoon. If you can, go out and fish! Generation is scheduled to be from 3 through 6 PM, which leaves plenty of daylight to fish from the bank following the end of moving water. The high temperature for today is expected to reach 84º F., under cloudy skies. The winds will be southwesterly at 7 MPH.