Once again, we fished downstream from the tail-waters in 49 degree F. water. Although the bite was much slower than it has been in the past couple of days, we limited out by 9:15, with some pretty nice fish. Our feeling that the bite was slow was reinforced by a couple of boats that came in at Houseman Access and complained about the lack of fish. For us, the bite varied with the time of the morning. At first light, the trout went after rainbow. Then they decided that yellow was their preferred fare. About 8:30 AM, they switched back to wanting rainbow. When you have a few folks fishing with you, start off by ensuring that everyone fished with different colors and see which ones pay off. When the bite slows, repeat that exercise and you may find that you come back with more fish in the live well. We have not been fishing in the tail-waters for the past few days, so there is no recommendation for color or location. Later in the week we will try to get out and see where the action is in the tail-waters.Generation is scheduled from 1 PM through 7 PM. The weather forecast is for a high temperature of 91 degrees F., under partly sunny skies with westerly winds at 8 MPH. There is a good chance of thundershowers beginning about 6 PM. Have fun and try to stay cool and hydrated!

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