IMG_0278.JPGDuring the past four days, I have fished in several spots along the White River and found that the trout bite has been pretty slow, especially after 8 AM. This morning the bite close to Beaver Dam was good until the clock struck the magic hour of 8 bells. Prior to that, from 7 AM, when I started my fishing day, I caught 7 trout, three of which were in the ‘slot,' at 14 3/4, 14 1/4, and 13 1/4, and one that was too small. At any rate, I ended up with a nice lunch! The trout have been hitting on salmon peach, hatchery formula and garlic. The river has been very cloudy for the past two months, which is somewhat disturbing. The fishing does not seem to be affected, but the normal beauty of the clear river water has been impacted.The generation for today is to be for one hour, 6 PM. The high temperature for today is predicted to be 88 º F., under cloudy skies with a slight chance of showers. The winds are from the south at 7 MPH.