Yesterday I fished in three locations below the Beaver Dam, first at Bertrand Launch Ramp, then at the holes downstream from Parker Bend and finally at the launch ramp closest to the dam. The trout bite was fair at Bertrand, non-existent at Parker and very slow closer to the dam. A guide friend who took a group out and drifted from Beaver Dam to Bertrand indicated that he found that what I am reporting to be correct. He caught nothing until he approached the Bertrand area, then caught 27. The colors that worked for me were yellow, salmon peach and garlic. For your viewing pleasure, I took a couple of shots of a fish or two.This morning at 6:30, I headed back to Bertrand to see if the fish were doing a repeat performance of Monday. They were; and were biting more aggressively. In the hour and a quarter that I was there, I caught 8, one of which was 14 3/4. With the exception of a 10 incher, all of the rest were a minimum. of 12 inches, The bite was on yellow and garlic, with garlic being the bait of choice. Time to get out and catch supper! The generation for today is slated from 2 through 6 PM. The high today is thought by Accuweather to be 90º F., under sunny skies. The winds will be from the NE at 5 MPH.IMG_0265.JPG