Launched both boats at Bertrand Launch Ramp at 6 AM. The boats moved downstream and fished a couple of spots that proved fairly productive, even though the bite was a trifle slow. After boating a few fish, Sam and his folks threw a Colorado 1/4 oz spoon and, in addition to trout, caught a white near Spider Creek. The 9-year-old on board managed to haul in the prize catch of the day, a beautiful rainbow well over the 16-inch slot limitation. Sam then moved down river and trolled toward points downstream of the Hwy 62 bridge. The rain, which was predicted for later today showed up and helped us fish. My boat basically followed a similar scenario with the absence of any whites announcing their presence. During the worst part of the rain, my boat raced to anchor beneath the Hwy 62 bridge. Needless to say, after we were anchored the rain ceased. We then trolled our way back to Bertrand and caught and released four or five trout, several of which were ‘ slots.' As one can see in the pictures, the trips were very successful. Sam's boat, with a very happy crew of fishermen, passed us on the way in. Not only did we enjoy the morning fishing, but also ended up taking our Saturday night baths a few hours early. Ha!
Generation is slated from 3 through 6 PM. The afternoon should be partly cloudy with a chance of thundershowers. Winds should be southerly from 4 to 6 MPH.