After learning that there was no generation scheduled for today, I loaded up a couple of rods and headed for the Beaver Dam area to see how hungry the trout were. Upon arrival at the dam it was noted that, although the Corps was not generating, floodgate number 4 was partially open, making bait fishing below the dam pretty much impossible. What the heck! Moved down river to Parker Bend and tried my luck there. Fishing straight out from the rocks between the ramps, which were under water, the bite was about every 20 minutes. There was surface activity, but not at an 'get excited' rate. There is so much water that the trout in the main body of the river are pretty spread out. If one exercises patience he, (or she), should catch fish. Since I am not too patient, I found an eddy and fished it with great luck. The bite in the eddy was every minute or less. There was a couple on scene with their two children who were not doing very well. Showed them where and how, and as I left to do this report, they were catching trout. Good for them!As mentioned at the beginning of the report, there is no generation slated for today, although there is a floodgate partially open. The high temperature predicted for the day is 92 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies with winds from the WSW at 10 MPH. Hope you find the time to get out and have fun fishing! Fish the eddies!