Grabbed a cup of java and headed to Bertrand Launch Ramp to see what was happening in the trout arena. The morning at 6:30 was cool and still, perfect for sipping coffee while waiting for a tug on the line. There was on boat on the water that was between the ramp and Spider Creek. In the 20 minutes I was fishing. they caught one trout. It is amazing how sound travels on the water! Timing was perfect for this morning’s fishing....I ran out of coffee just as the fifth fish was released back into the river. For me, they were biting on salmon peach and garlic. Another bank fisherman was headed down to occupy my spot as I was leaving. Hope he did good!Checked with another guide, Carl, and learned that the whites showed up later in the evening yesterday and gave him and his clients a run for their money upstream from the Hwy 62 bridge. At the time, generation was in full swing. If you are out in the moving water, look for eddys within which to find the whites. Although they have been 'hit and miss' this season, do not give up the hunt. Walleye are also very active this season. There are a good number that we have caught that are small, but do not be surprised to haul in some keepers! Generation this afternoon is slated to begin at 2 and continue through 7 tonight. The high temperature for the day is expected to top 92º F. under mostly sunny skies. Winds are from the WSW at 6 MPH.