Over the last three days, we have been fishing both from the boat and from the river banks. Thursday, we fished several locations between the Beaver Dam and Houseman Access and found that the trout were most accommodating with almost any color of bait that was used. Oddly enough, there were quite a few folks who had a difficult time bringing in more than a couple. Friday, we launched at Houseman Access and traveled down river to see if we could pick up a stray white or two. We did not mark any bait in the river for at least a mile down toward Beaver; however, the whites are biting from Beaver to points farther down into Tablerock Lake, which tells us that bait is there. Upstream towards Beaver Dam, the whites are in an on again/off again spawn, which means that if you happen to catch the right time, whites are in your future. They do not appear to be hanging around after they spawn. Why would they if there is no bait to eat? We decided to stop chasing them and concentrate on trout.This morning, I fished just below Beaver Dam and caught trout on every light color that I used. The trout were anywhere from 7 inches to 12 1/2. When the fishing began to get crowded, (It is Saturday.) I headed home to do chores. Since it is supposed to be a great day for fishing, try to get out there! Generation is scheduled for one hour, at 5 PM., so there should be no problems with moving water if you are fishing from the bank. The high temperature today is predicted to be 83º F., under mostly sunny skies, with SW winds at 7 to 8 MPH.