DSC_0682We join with all of you this Memorial Day to remember those who have fallen in the defense of our great nation. In addition, we give thanks to all who have served, and to those who are presently serving, in our armed forces. Those of us folks who run around protesting various positions held by others, who speak our minds without fear of retribution, who vote for the candidates of our choice, have the aforementioned patriots to thank.Sam's scheduled 6:30 AM launch took place a bit late due to a group of kayakers preparing their equipment while parked at the launch ramp. Last week, we encountered a similar situation with some boaters who blocked the ramp while they rigged their fly rods. Please, for the sake of others who would like to get their boats in the water in a timely manner, do as much preparation as possible prior to backing down onto the launch ramp, then pull your boat to the side if someone else is waiting. Ramp courtesy would be greatly appreciated. But, once again, I digress. Sam and client finally got into the water and headed downstream from Bertrand to begin bait fishing. After tip-toeing through the many boats scattered about between Bertrand and Spider Creek Island, they found that the bite was slower than usual. However, they began catching trout on orange, yellow, garlic flavored chunky cheese and rainbow. For a change of pace, Sam trolled downstream from the Hwy 62 bridge with a 1/4 oz. Colorado gold on silver. There were several 'strikes' on that spoon. Try a speed of about 2 MPH when dragging this particular lure. The trip ended in a timely fashion, just as the Corps began their generation and the thunder began to rumble. While Sam was attacking the trout from the water, I tried several spots along the bank from Beaver Dam to Bertrand Launch Ramp and found that the bite was very slow. Closest to the dam, the bite was longer than 20 minutes, which was too long for me. Moved to the gravel bar where the bite was about 10 minutes but the fish I caught were small. Moved to an access closest to Parker Campground and was rewarded with no bite at all. Tried at Bertrand launch ramp and did pretty good, with an 8 minute between bites situation. Today, closer to Spider Creek seems like the place to fish! Generation for today and tomorrow is scheduled from 11 AM through 11 PM. The winds for both days are expected to be southerly at 5 MPH. The high temperature for tomorrow is predicted to be a degree less than today’s high of 79º F. Go have fun....AND, try not to block the ramp! HA!