Launched this morning at Houseman Access and trolled downstream checking for what was in the mood to ‘play.’ Marked a good number of fish, mostly trout for about 2 miles towards Beaver. Caught a good number of trout, but no walleye. We did not mark any white bass and only had begun to mark some bait balls when we turned around. The water temperature was in the 50 degrees range 2 miles downstream from Houseman and 46 degrees at Houseman. We trolled with 5 different types of lures during the trip. The most successful lures were the Rapala black on gold Scatter Rap Minnow, 11, and the Rapala crawdad. We did mark some walleye, but we did not try to 'jig' them.There is generation scheduled tomorrow from 4 through 6 PM. Do not be surprised if the generation begins an hour or two early. The high temperature for tomorrow is expected to be 71 degrees F., under mostly cloudy skies with winds from the SE at 6 MPH, gusting to 9.