Began this morning at 6:30 by fishing with lures at Parker Bend. The trout chomped onto a Bass Pro red on silver spoon, but ignored the Rapala F-9, black on silver. Should have carried a bar of soap with me, since the light sprinkle turned serious. Moved back to the truck and began making leaders for the Tackle Buddy. During this operation I had the sincere pleasure of meeting with the Chief Deputy of the Carroll County Sheriff's Department, who was checking the security of the parking lots. Seemed very professional, as well as an all around nice guy!Resumed fishing about 1 PM, following completion of some home stuff. Began at a location close to the Beaver Dam. Fishing was excellent on yellow power bait. During the time spent there, the Corps tested all seven of the flood gates, one at a time. Also caught a nicely colored brown trout that was about 14 inches long. He hung around to get his picture taken, then retreated back into the river, keeping an eye on the two eagles who were returning the stare. Moved to Parker Bend and fished the hole a couple of hundred yards downstream from the ramps. Fishing was slower than at the dam, but the bite was fast enough to keep one on the alert. Generation scheduled for 4 PM promptly began at 3 PM. It signaled that it was time to go back to the house. Today, the high temperature was 64 degrees F., under cloudy skies. Wind made it a bit chilly for a T-shirt. Tomorrow, the high temperature is predicted to reach 65 degrees F., with northerly winds of 7 MPH, gusting to 10. We should have partly cloudy skies, under which we may, if we are so inclined, watch the scheduled generation from 4 through 6 PM. HA! GO FISH!