DSC_0669 (1)Launched at Bertrand Launch Ramp this morning at 6:30 and decided to spend a short while trolling a couple of spoons. We caught a few trout, but only kept one because the others were too small. We anchored between Bertrand and Spider Creek and changed to bait. At first, the bite was fairly slow, but perked up a little as the morning wore on. We moved to a location next to Spider Creek Island and picked up a few trout, two of which were ‘slots,' which we immediately returned to the 49º water. Once again we upped anchor and moved farther down river. Right off the bat, we began catching some pretty nice fish, almost half of which had to be returned due to the 'slot' rules. With the exception of one other guide, we had the river mostly to ourselves. Sometimes rain is a GOOD thing! Not that we wouldn't like to see you out there, because we would. Tomorrow should bring us less rain after 9 AM, so plan accordingly.Generation today is scheduled from 3 through 4 PM. (I heard the horn blow at 2 PM.) The high temperature should be 62º F., under mostly cloudy skies and some scattered rain. Winds are from the ESE at 8 MPH. Get your rain gear on and go catch fish between bailing the boat. Ha!

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