Fished yesterday morning and again this afternoon. Yesterday, the trout bite was fairly slow below the Beaver Dam and at the ramps at Parker Bend. The bite downstream from the ramps, however, was much better. Except for Ken, the fly fishermen who were there were having a tough time. Ken, who was hooking up on almost every cast, was using a wood duck midge. Being the good sport and nice guy that he is, he doled out some wood ducks to those around him. We then had happy fly fishermen! Fishing from the bank with bait was a whole different affair. The trout were biting slowly on hatchery formula and not at all on yellow or rainbow. Apparently they were holding out for Salmon egg red, which they went after with a vengeance!This afternoon, the bite below the Beaver Dam was painfully slow, but was on rainbow. Sam and I moved to Parker bend and found elbow room downstream from the ramps. The bite was on green pumpkin, rainbow, yellow, pink, salmon egg red and hatchery formula. We fished there for a short time, testing the new line we had put on the ultralights. Happy that the new knots we used held, we headed for the ‘barn.' There was a great crowd of folks out there enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Hope you were out, too. This morning we were busy installing a new sign. Thank you so much to the new managers at the Country Inn of Eureka Springs for offering us this space. Thanks, also, to Master’s Sign Co. for the design. There is generation scheduled from 6 through 8 PM at about 110 units. (That is about 88% of capacity). Tomorrow, there is generation also scheduled for the same times as tonight. The high temperature for the 17th is predicted to be 84 degrees F., under partly cloudy skies with winds from the SSW at 14 MPH, gusting to 20.