Fished at several locations on the river this morning as well as on the lake at White Bass Cove. White Bass Cove was so 'active' that I had ample time to drink my coffee without having to rush. Moved to the river near the Beaver Dam and found that the bite was fairly slow. Moved to Parker Bend and fished both at the ramps and at the holes down river. The ramps were very slow for trout and no whites were in residence. Downstream, the trout bite was pretty slow, but they were biting on hatchery formula, pink and garlic. They did not give yellow, salmon peach or rainbow a second glance. The two fly fishermen who were there when I arrived left mumbling something about how the rain had adversely impacted the trout action. The trout that were caught were fairly small, earning them a pass for the day. Generation is scheduled for 7 through 9 PM. The high temperature should hit 79 degrees F., under partly sunny skies with winds from the south west at 13 MPH. Tomorrow, the high is predicted to reach 81 degrees F., with partly cloudy skies and winds from the south at 9 MPH. Hope you find time to get out and fish!