Happy May 1st! We have been fishing almost every day since our last published report, but with little change occurring in the fishing arena, we decided to slow our reports, just a bit. Fished this morning from areas just below Beaver Dam to Bertrand launch ramp and found that this morning, the trout bite was very impressive. The trout were active in all parts of the river we tried, biting on all of the lighter colors of bait that we threw. There were many folks out fishing this morning who were doing pretty well using power bait eggs on #8 hooks. Some folks who were using ‪#‎10s‬ with three or four eggs were not doing well in the catching activity. It was a great morning and everyone seemed to be having fun. That is what it is all about.Just a quick note about the white bass. They are spotty at best, showing up one day then disappearing the next. If they are in the spawning mode, which is why they show up here at all, they do not want to eat until just before sunset. Then, one can use a Husky Jerk or a Rapala and catch a few. Some fishermen will tell you that they have caught a good number, but most will be complaining that, when they have seen the fish, they would not bite. Sounds like a repeat of last year's white 'run.' We have caught whites while trolling for trout, but not in the numbers that excited us. Generation is scheduled to occur for only one hour, 8 PM. Winds are from the west at 7 MPH, under partly sunny skies. The high temperature for today should hit 69º F.