OK, go ahead and dance around the May pole, as long as it is a FISHING pole! Fished yesterday, but saved the info for today. Fished at Parker Bend and found that, downstream from the ramps, the fishing was good. The trout reluctantly bit on yellow, until a wax worm was added to the equation. Then, the picture changed dramatically, with a bite every couple of minutes. The only power bait that seemed to work well without the wax worm was hatchery formula.Today, the fishing urge took me close to Beaver Dam and the rock 'chairs' to sit on. Fished and caught a bunch of fish, several which were too small to even consider for lunch. The trout were biting on yellow, salmon peach, garlic, rainbow, salmon egg red, fluorescent red and hatchery formula. The slowest bite was on fluorescent red and salmon egg red. That changed when a wax worm was added to the hook! Before fishing the river, at 7:00, I tried White Bass Cove and, along with three other fishermen who were there, dd not get a bite. White Bass Cove has been a difficult 'nut to crack' this year. Maybe it is me? There is generation scheduled for later tonight for one hour. The high temperature expected for today is 73 degrees F., under sunny skies with winds from the ESE at 4 MPH. What are you waiting for? Finish mowing later and get out there and have FUN!