Both of our guides, and friend from Tennessee, Jan, launched this morning at Bertrand and fished both with bait and with Rapalas down the river as far as 1/2 mile out of the tailwaters. The total trout caught exceeded 20, but only the limit of 15 were kept. A couple of nice trout were caught downstream from Houseman Access with a Rapala CD-9, black on gold and a CD-5 black on silver. Because of the 16 MPH wind, feeling the bite on ultra-lights was somewhat difficult, but, as demonstrated by the pictures, doable! The weather treated us like family and gave us a beautiful boat tour in addition to the great fishing. We did not see another boat on the river; however one other trailer was in the lot at Houseman Access. He must have headed downstream toward Beaver, where the whites are staging for their migration up river.

Tomorrow should be a better fishing day with less wind. At the time of this report, the generation schedule for tomorrow had not been posted. The high temperature predicted for tomorrow is expected to be 67 degrees F. under sunny skies, with winds from the northwest at 6 MPH, gusting to 9. Time keeps marching on, so GO FISH!