Fished a few locations yesterday, one near the Beaver Dam, and in and around the Bertrand launch ramp. The best fishing was closer to the dam, where the bite was excellent and the fish were a nice size. The trout were not too picky about what color they were thrown. We used 13 different colors and all 13 were successful. All the fish that 'visited' us are still there waiting for YOU! We then tried Bertrand launch ramp area and found that the bite was very slow but, the trout were small. Hmmm, that does not sound like a recommendation to fish there, does it? Parker Bend has a lot going on for it, but the better spot in that area is in the holes about 200 yards downstream from the ramps. Take a chair and some coffee, (and maybe some rain gear), and go drag a few in!There is generation scheduled from 7 through 9 PM. The high today is expected to reach 63 degrees F. under cloudy skies with winds from the NNE at 8 MPH.. There may be scattered thundershowers now and then throughout the day. Be careful and have fun! We have been saving up our catch lately for another batch of smoked trout. Below you will see steps 1 and 2 of this process: 1. Catch trout 2. Clean and fillet the trout, leaving the skin on one side. These will all go into the freezer until we have enough to do a batch for two families with plenty to share.