DSC_0511 DSC_0530 DSC_0526     Trying for an instant relay of Friday's trips on Saturday, we launched at noon from Houseman Access and moved upstream to points above the Hwy 62 bridge where the trout had honored us with their presence. Little differences make a big difference. First, the water had not stopped moving from the morning generation. Then, the wind gave us fits as we tried to hold a steady position for fishing. OK, enough excuses. Initially, both boats were positioned very close to one another. The male fisherman on my boat kicked off the first cast with a 14 1/2 inch rainbow. He was pretty pleased with the catch until I reminded him of the 'slot.' Since neither boat did well while the water was moving, I moved my boat to another location where the wind was not much of a factor. We began catching trout slowly, but noted a marked increase in the bite as the afternoon wore on. By 4 PM, we had caught 18 to 20 trout just down river from Spider Creek Island. As usual, the drill was to put 4 each in the live well, catch and release until time to go, then catch the last 1 each and head for home. What a surprise when we strung the trout at the shop and found we had miscounted and were short by one trout. Oh well. The folks were newlyweds who really enjoyed fishing and were a delightful couple. They made the trip quite enjoyable!The remainder of this report is continued with the next post.