Launched at Bertrand Launch Ramp at 3 PM and eased downstream a little to see if the trout were having a siesta or were in the snacking mode. Happily enough, they were in the mood to have a late afternoon bite. For the first hour or so they seemed pretty hungry, especially for garlic power bait. We tried yellow, salmon peach, rainbow and chunky cheese in addition to the garlic, but the trout only wanted the garlic. After the initial couple of hours, the bite came to a screeching halt; so we turned our bow towards home and a bit warmer environment. The three of us had a great time on the water. It is always fun to fish with really nice people! DSC_0556The generation schedule for tomorrow is for NO GENERATION. The high temperature for tomorrow is expected to hit 74 degrees F. under partly sunny skies, with SE winds of 14 MPH, gusting to 23. Hope you get out to enjoy the day fishing!