We launched this morning a Holiday Island Marina and trolled our way to Beaver. We marked some whites and a few walleye between our launch point and the Beaver bridge. Fished the Beaver area, concentrating on the outlet of Butler Creek. We caught the same thing that the others in the cove caught....nothing. We did mark whites in the creek, but no fish dropped by to see us for coffee. We trolled upstream to Houseman Access, where our trailer was waiting. On the way, we found an area where, in the 47 degree water, the whites were willing to play. We were using Rapala Scatter-raps, which worked just as well for trout. The largest trout today was 21 inches and weighed 4 1/4 pounds. Notice in the pictures below how small it makes the 14 inchers appear. There were a surprising number of boats in the water for a Friday. We are happy that they, too, got out to enjoy the day. With this number of boats on the water, please remember to afford courtesy to those who are trying to fish, and slow down to pass them. There is generation scheduled toady from 1 through 4 PM. The weather promises to be sunny with NNW winds at 4 MPH. The high temperature today should reach 68 degrees F. Tomorrow, the high should be 72 degrees F. with SE winds at 8 MPH. gusting to 15. The day promises to begin partly sunny becoming cloudy in the afternoon.