DSC_0505Sam and I both launched at Houseman Access this morning at about 7:15 and proceeded upstream toward Spider Creek Island in order to have some fun catching trout. The first spot we stopped was ‘golden,’ and we caught rainbows until we decided to move and check out a couple of other places. We did notice that the amount of bait showing up in the tailwaters was on the increase and, in places, there were larger fish beneath them. The water temperature around Houseman Access was 54º F, a pretty close temperature for the whites to become more active. Cannot wait! Sam moved on down the river and gave his guests a look at the Blue Springs overflow while those on my boat finished up catching their limit down river from the Hwy 62 bridge. Time flew by pretty quickly, a phenomenon which is common when one fishes in good company. Everyone had a good time, especially after the day warmed up a little from the 42 degree launch temperature. Tomorrow the day is expected to be 32º F. at about 7 AM. Brrr!Generation today was supposed to be at 10 PM for one hour, but the 'powers that be' kicked off at 2 PM and are going strong as this report is being written. Tomorrow, generation is scheduled to commence at 8 AM and continue through 10 AM. It is to resume during those same hours in the evening during what is assumed to be a power demand time for the cooler temperatures. The wind is predicted to be from the WNW at 9 MPH., gusting to 15. It will be a sunny day with highs in the mid 60s. Sounds like a good day to go fish; aren't they all!

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