DSC_0487Both Sam and I had a day off today, so we decided to celebrate by going fishing. We fished close to Beaver Dam and enjoyed catching trout while basking in the morning sun. Spring is a good thing! While Sam began his fishing with power bait, I tried for walleye using a Rooster Tail, then a Bouyant spoon and finally a jig. The water is so shallow there that using a lure risks its loss unless you are in a boat and can get to the hang-up. After sacrificing the jig to the river rocks, I joined with Sam and fished with power bait. As you can see from the picture, we now have more fillets to smoke.Last night Carl and I launched his boat at RA-1, (access closest to Beaver Dam), and found that we were only able to get a few hundred yards downstream before the risk to the lower unit became too great. Once again, too little water made it impractical to launch anything larger than a kayak or a canoe. We did pull the boat and relaunch at Bertrand Launch Ramp where Carl caught a small walleye. Not too much was going on. Tomorrow there is generation slated from 8 through 9 AM. Although there is a chance of early afternoon thundershowers, the high temperature should be around 69º F. with winds from the SW at 8 MPH., gusting to 13. Skies should be a bit cloudy. Another great day to go fish!