DSC_0504 Sam launched at Bertrand Launch Ramp at 7:30 AM and trolled for walleye between Spider Creek Island and the ramp. Since the walleye were not fooled, Sam and company switched their attention to trout and were greeted with an entirely different “fishitude." Although the day began at just below freezing, the morning warmed up nicely and the day simply got better and better. The youngest fisherman aboard caught his limit, as did his father. Sam fished several different spots which had been very rewarding in the past, and found that the fish favored only a couple of them. When out on a trip, Sam likes to mix in a little 'research' for the next outing. The client we had on board today gave us all a laugh when he pointed out that another boat was patiently waiting until we abandoned each spot, then moved in hoping to find something we had left behind.Following a very productive and enjoyable trip, the fishermen were treated to an excursion downstream to Houseman Access, where the boat was pulled. Time sure flies when you're having fun catching fish! Generation tomorrow is scheduled for 7 through 9 PM. The high temperature for tomorrow is predicted to be 53 º F., a bit colder than today. Winds will be southerly at 7 MPH., gusting to 12. It should be cloudy with rain possible in the morning. Hope you got out and fished today.DSC_0498 By the way, we hope you and yours have a HAPPY EASTER!