IMG_0199.JPGGot a late start fishing this afternoon. Stopped at the launch ramp closest to Beaver Dam and went onto the gravel bar to sit and fish. Even though the trout were biting, the wind convinced me to try a place out of its way. Moved closer to the dam where an outcropping of rock offered some relief. The trout bite was much slower than that of yesterday, but not too bad. Caught 6 fish in 45 minutes using six different colors. Yellow, salmon peach, rainbow, fluorescent orange, chartreuse and hatchery formula were the power bait paste colors used. The trout did not hit with the gusto that they employed yesterday, which made feeling the bite tougher due to the hefty wind on the line. It was a catch and release day, so the fish picture was taken and the fish released in the water. It is not possible to do this with every throw-back, but we try not to inflict any more damage to these critters than necessary. There was a fly-fisherman and his dog just leaving when I arrived on scene. He indicated that he had caught and released a nice number of fish before the wind won the battle of wills. Hope you get out there tomorrow. The high tomorrow is predicted to touch on 50º F. after a 17º low.Generation for tomorrow is scheduled from 7 through 9 AM. and 6 through 9 PM. The day should be sunny with winds from the NW at 9 MPH.