Fished this morning at the holes downstream from the wheelchair ramps at Parker Bend and found the fish in the mood to bite. There were two fishermen on site when I arrived and they limited out soon after my appearance. They were fishing with yellow power bait eggs. I began fishing with fluorescent orange followed by chunky cheese, yellow, rainbow and garlic. All of the colors other than garlic worked great. The icy wind finally drove me back to the truck and warmth. If you can get out for a quick fish or two, go for it. The banks by holes down river from the Parker ramps have changed for the better with a great gravel build-up. I believe those of you who fish there will be pleased.Generation does not begin until 6 PM, so brave the cold wind and have fun fishing! The high temperature today is supposed to reach 39º F., with WNW winds of 13 MPH. Skies are expected to be mostly sunny.