IMG_0204.JPGIn an attempt to avoid the wind, fished in the early afternoon as close to Beaver Dam as was legal. Found that the trout were very accommodating, Although the wind made feeling the bite a chore, reeling in the trout was a joy. The picture is an example of the general size of the fish caught, (and released), today. The bite was on yellow, salmon peach, fluorescent orange, chunky cheese, rainbow and chartreuse. There were a couple of cars in the lot at this river access I call RA1, although nobody was in the area where I fished. Tomorrow promises to be less windy, which should make for a more pleasant fishing day.Generation for tomorrow is scheduled to take place from 7 through 9 AM and 6 through 9 PM. Should be a partly sunny day with winds from the southwest at 9 MPH, gusting to 13. As usual, we recommend that you GO FISH!