Carl, a friend and fishing guide, and I fished early this afternoon below the Beaver Dam. We took turns catching trout, which did their best to keep us busy, either reeling them in or replacing our rigs. Both Carl and I went through every color we had with us and got 'action' on all of them. Carl was doing repeats and I went through all 11 colors that were in my bag. Light and dark colors worked equally as well. The wind was in our face, but at a much lower rate than the past two days. One other fisherman was there throwing a spoon; but he had no luck. There were several cars in the lot near the launch ramp, (right, the one without a name). We did not try our luck at Parker Bend, so no report on the activity there is forthcoming today. The time in the sunshine and the fish activity made for a memorable afternoon.Tomorrow, the high temperature is expected to be 47º F. under mostly sunny skies with NE winds of 6 MPH, gusting to 9. At the time of this report the generation schedule for tomorrow was not posted. Hope you get out and fish tomorrow.