Began this morning by fishing at White Bass Cove on Beaver Lake. Spent about an hour casting Rapala F-11s and ended up with nothing to show for the effort. Initially the thought of fishing at Parker Bend was not too appealing, however, since it was close by, that was the next stop. I did not begin by fishing with bait, rather, I threw a Rapala F-11, black on silver. Once again, nothing was interested. Fishing with power bait with a wax worm would prove to have a positive, but slow, result. There were no other fishermen encountered at either location fished this morning. The Parker Bottom campground is now closed for the season which has reduced the normal number of folks out trying their luck with the trout. The 24 hour/day generation also has had a negative impact on the fishing 'fever'. The trout are there, but one needs patience to bring them home for supper. Generation is scheduled for 24 hours today. The high temperature for today is expected to reach 71 degrees F. under sunny afternoon skies. The wind should be out of the NNW at 2 MPH. Go fish, but take a chair and patience!

Hosanna Hills Fishing Guide Service's photo.